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This is always the hardest part for most people. The fact of the matter is that you need to turn the modesty dial down when you are trying to sell yourself. Especially when you are a competitive field and you are trying to sell why your potential client should work with you and not someone else...So here goes


Since I am a consultant myself, I know what you as a small business goes through. Having to always look out for the next potential customer, at the same time taking care of your existing clients. Making sure you have enough revenue in the account just incase there are a few dry months of no new clients.


I quickly learned that it is much easier to develop a system where I get paid a residual income every month from existing clients, then to sell my services to a new ones.


What I didn't realize at first, was that I was actually creating a business plan that my clients could model after, and generate the same type of passive income.


So what are my qualifications that gave me the insights I share with my clients?

  • Over 10 years managing teams, projects and heading online marketing and promotions for various web based companies
  • Having been involved with many website builder projects, I know what a website needs to be successful.
  • Have personally worked almost every aspect of a website that you would need including ( I mean I actually helped build them) - Graphics, Database, Videos, Audios, Forums, eCommerce, Blogs, Help Desks, Time Sheets, CRMs, Shipping Carrier Integrations, Search Engine Optimization, Memberships, Forms, Calendar of Events, Newsblast, Autoresponders, Help Desks Ticket software….
  • Worked directly with many large Associations helping their members understand the web and how to use it in there business.
  • Currently use the same techniques and strategies I teach to generate recurring revenue. I'll show you what I do to make money online.
  • Lead workshops and seminars that show how to build a powerful business website.
Daniel Roopnarine Website Business Coach