Daniel Roopnarine Website Mentor Coach Toronto Workshop Presenter

I would like to right now pop a bubble… Aside from companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, MySpace, there are very few people online making money that are not selling either in one of the following markets.


1. "How to make money online" Products

2. Online Gaming and Gaming Information

3. Pornographic content


The truth of the matter is those three industries play on Greed, Entertainment and Sex to generate money. These are really good bets for generating cash, if you do it right. 


The problem is, what if you are not in one of those industries, how do you get traffic, build lists and sell a product that helps your business grow?


Well, after over a decade of building technology for web companies, small and medium business, putting on workshops and consultations, I've put together a series of small, incremental but important "web steps", complimented with some offline marketing that will help you achieve your Desire.



Daniel Roopnarine Website Business Coach